The Nomas Center of the Ministry of Culture concluded the summer activity, which included many events and workshops throughout the summer months, and during a ceremony held at the center’s headquarters, the Nomas girls affiliated with the activity programs were honored, and some gifts were given to encourage them to continue their passion for heritage, after completing a set of workshops and courses through which the Nomas Center intended to provide maximum benefit during the summer, and its study vacations while providing fun and benefit to the center’s affiliates, at the same time, work was done to instill authentic Qatari customs and traditions within a framework of religion and high morals and to provide them with the skills that qualify them for self-reliance and responsibility. The Center recently completed the “Folk Legacies” course, which was held at the Center’s headquarters in Al Dafna, and worked to introduce girls to the rich folk legacies in many human arts full of moral and social values, customs and traditions that are evident in all these human arts. A popular games workshop was also presented, which seeks to bring concepts closer, realize the meanings of things and promote moral values, such as order, non-cheating and accepting failure.