The Chess Federation revealed its organization of the Fifth International Rapid Chess Championship, under the name “together despite the spacing” tomorrow (Friday) at nine in the evening. It will be played according to the remote play system, through the website: “lichess.or”, through smart phone devices or iPads, in cooperation with the “Abdullah Abdul Ghani and Brothers” Co.. The company has announced its sponsorship of the international championship, and its continued partnership with the Federation in the international championships organized by it. The Federation defined the conditions of the tournament, which will be held according to the Swiss system with the “Bullet” system of play (one minute + one second / Move). Points will be calculated in the classic way, so the winner gets a point, while the tie gets half a point, and the loser none.
For his part, Mohammed Al-Madhahka, head of the Qatar Chess Federation, said that the goal of the championship “Together Despite the spacing” is to emphasize that chess can be used as a positive force in connecting people, raising awareness and learning together, in these exceptional times worldwide.
Al-Madhahka praised the continuous partnership with the company, “Abdullah Abdul-Ghani and Brothers”, which was to sponsor the championship and provide material prizes.
For his part, Hussein Aziz – the director of the tournament – considered that the number of rounds will be available for an hour and a half. The tournament is targeting a new segment of chess fans with the system of “Bullet”, and there will be no fees for participation in the tournament.
Aziz added: “We must value the efforts of the company,” Abdullah Abdul-Ghani and Brothers” for its permanent support for the championships organized by the Federation and sponsoring the championship, through the principle of social partnership and contribution, and it is one of the supporting partners of the Federation.”