The Qatari Forum for Authors held a virtual workshop entitled “Principles of Writing Children’s Stories: Structures and Basic Elements” presented by Ms. Nadine Kamal Karit – a writer in children’s literature and a member of the Board of Directors of the ALECSO Chair in Childhood Service – with the participation of a large number of those interested in the field of children’s literature from Qatar and a number of countries Arabic.

The workshop dealt with the basic elements of writing children’s stories, such as the story world, language, conflict, etc., in addition to the structures or patterns of building different stories. The workshop began with the writer confirming that talking about the elements of children’s stories and basic structures does not necessarily mean imposing restrictions on the writing style or restricting creativity, as the framework Elements and Structures Provides direction and order to a story, and serves as a foundation for the creative expression and variety that each writer can experience. The writer stressed the importance of the story and its role in building the child’s personality and preparing him to face life with its various challenges, and the writer’s responsibility towards the child because his words may determine the fate of his readers. The writer stressed the importance of making the conclusion in children’s stories a source of joy and optimism, while being careful not to falsify reality, because children They have emotional fragility.

At the end of the workshop, the writer made sure to give the participants a booklet that contains 10 steps before writing a story for children, to be a starting point for all those wishing to embark on writing for children.