The Qatari Forum for Authors launched a new event entitled (Ambassadors of Qatari Literature), which hosts a group of Qatari writers whose literary works have been translated into several languages with the aim of introducing Qatari culture through their writings, and is managed by writer and translator Dhafer Aydin Darkoushi.

The first session hosted the writer and storyteller Jamal Fayez, who stressed the importance of translation, without which the world would not have reached the discoveries, achievements and innovations it has today. Translation is the bridge of communication between disparate cultures and successive civilizations, pointing out that translation plays a major role in conveying national identity and making it known to others. , stressing the necessity of the writer being keen to be an ambassador for his national identity.

He presented his personal experience with translation, as many of his works were translated into different languages through cultural institutions, including the Ministry of Culture, international academic institutions, and through some foreign media publications. He added that by translating literary works into other languages, the writer carries his identity, message, and local concerns in their Arab and global dimensions.