The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a special session at Ramadan Book Fair in its second edition, to launch and discuss a group of new and diverse publications in various fields of writing issued by Qatari publishing houses.

The Qatari writer and poet Muhammad Ibrahim al-Sada, the author of the novel “My Boat Will Return,” Dr. Nizar Saqroun, advisor at the Ministry of Culture, author of the novel “Zol Allah in the Novel Sister of Safa,” Qatari writer Amal Al-Borsheed, author of “Your Heart… My Heart,” and writer Jamila Sultan participated in the session. She is the author of the book “Saqr”, and the session was moderated by writer and journalist Saleh Gharib.

The writer Ibrahim Al-Sada explained that the novel dates back to the thirties of the last century, as it monitors life in the Qatari environment in detail, as it talks about a character who lived through the events of the beginnings of the last century, including diving, the year of the edition, and the Second World War.

He pointed out that the novel issued by the Department of Publications and Translation at the Ministry of Culture dealt with lifestyles at that time in terms of social life and human relations. And the ways of communication between them and the ordinary people of the Gulf.

Dr. Nizar Shakroun also spoke in detail about his novel “Zol Allah in the Novel of the Sister of Safa”, where it brings back to the fore some of the secrets of the Brotherhood of Safa, and its events take place between Iraq, the Netherlands, Egypt and Yemen, indicating that the characters of the novel are preoccupied with protecting important books that are threatened with burning, as a declaration of war on Arabic thought and culture..

In her turn, Amal Al-Borsheed gave a presentation of her book “Your Heart… My Heart” and explained that it includes a group of thoughts that spread the spirit of hope and love for life, as many people suffer from the hardships and hardships of life, and these challenges cannot be overcome without clinging to hope, and therefore she broadcast a group of positive messages that Relieve the reader from the pressures of life.

As for the writer Jamila Sultan, she explained that her book “Saqr” is for children. It deals with the adventure of a boy named Saqr, who loves to play with kites and is ridiculed by some friends because of his name, which is given to the well-known falcon. He asks his father to change the name, but he refuses. On an adventure that takes him from distress to pride in his name and to learn everything related to falcons.