The Qatari Forum for Authors organized a lecture entitled (Representations of the Environment in the Qatari Narrative), as part of its activities accompanying the Expo 2023 Doha Horticultural Exhibition, under the slogan (Green Desert, Better Environment), which is broadcast on the forum’s YouTube channel and social media sites.

The lecture was presented by Dr. Abdul Haq Belabed, Professor of Literature and Critical and Comparative Studies at Qatar University, during which he spoke about the formation of representations of environmental awareness in Qatari literature, whether in stories or novels, stressing that local writers have become aware of climate change, and are keen to write about environmental protection topics.

The lecturer touched on key terms related to the topic, such as environmental criticism, which is the analytical mechanism revealing these new narratives that represent the environment as a topic, and as a means of reconsidering the relationship between nature and literature.

Belabed reviewed examples of the experiences of Qatari male and female writers who monitored the social transformation that the State of Qatar went through in their narrative and narrative texts and addressed environmental issues in their local and global dimensions, including Jamal Fayez, Mohsen Al-Hajri, Shuaa Khalifa, Dalal Khalifa, Ahmed Abdel Malik, Kaltham Al-Kuwari, and Shamma Al-Kuwari.