The Qatari Authors’ Forum, an affiliate of  the Ministry of Culture, will hold a literary evening after tomorrow, in cooperation with the Qatari Information Centre.

During the evening, Mauritanian poet and writer Dr. Eddie Walad Adeeb, as part of his poetry poems, meanwhile, the media evening was conducted by Buthina Abdul Jalil. The evening highlights the production of literary lectures, on the occasion of the celebration of Nouakchott as the capital of culture in the Muslim world in 2023, within the programme “ISESCO” to celebrate the capitals of culture in the Muslim world.

In another way, the final episode of the program “Roots in Ophthalmology” addressed the eloquent roots of public pronunciation of the letter of the eye and its replacement into other letters, such as Hamza, Eh, Non and Gin, as well as Ein exchanged for Hamza, and linked it to its eloquent correct roots, and the poetic and prose testimonies from the words of Arabs.

The seminar is prepared and presented by Dr. Mohammed Khaled Al-Rahawi, Professor of Linguistic Studies at the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Qatar University, is presented on the Forum’s special channel via YouTube.