The Qatar Youth Forum held the day before yesterday evening a special session on Ms. Sheikha Ahmed Al-Mahmoud, the former Minister of Education, who died a few days ago, with the Sudanese writer Ms. Awatif Abdel Latif, author of the book “Imra’a ‘Aanaqat Al-Shams (A Woman Embracing the Sun)”, which deals with the life journey of the teacher, poet and Minister in the field of education and the story of a career thriving with giving, achievement and human meanings. The session was also attended by Mr. Ali Al-Mahmoud, who presented his testimony to the late Minister as a contemporary of her and a witness to her accomplishments.

Ms. Awatef Abdel Latif considered that the former minister was an exceptional woman by all standards, whether at the professional, personal or humanitarian levels, which motivated her to document her history to immortalize her journey in order to be a pattern followed by young people and researchers as a good example, especially that she had a passion for documentation and was a close witness of the Minister’s achievements.

Ms. Awatef Abdel Latif said that through her book, “A Woman Embraced the Sun,” she tried to link the general features of the late Minister’s personality and document them so that they do not remain scattered in the media, and turn it into a narration of her biography and story of a life full of accomplishments, as she was able to follow the journey of her rise to glory, starting from the her upbringing environment in her conservative family that was filled with love and the behavioral and intellectual characteristics that such an environment imprinted in her, through to her career in education and her graduation in the career ladder, up to her assumption of the ministry to be the first Qatari woman to hold a government position in the cabinet as Minister of Education in 2003.