Amidst a heritage atmosphere, evoking the nobility of the past, and in support of the national identity, the artist Mohammad Hassan Al-Mohammadi, famously known as “Al-Mutawa”, sings in the activities of the National Day of the State 2022 in Darb Al-Saai with the sweetest words, as he evokes the authentic heritage among children, to draw from his source, to bring them back with him to the legacy the history of parents and grandparents.
Al-Mohammadi describes the activities of Darb Al Saai as one of the important activities that evoke the longevity of the authentic Qatari heritage, and highlight all the customs and traditions entrenched in the memory of society, in addition to highlighting folk art, amidst a national atmosphere and celebrations, “I look forward to it every year.”
The artist, Mohammad Hassan Al-Mohammadi, expresses his pride in participating in the activities of the National Day of the State 2022 in Darb Al Saai, stressing that he has been keen for many years to participate in Darb Al Saai events, based on a patriotic duty, an affirmation of national identity, a rooting of belonging, and a reinforcement of loyalty.
About his role in Darb Al Saai activities, he says that: he is keen to play the character of “Al-Mutawa”, who introduces children to their ancient heritage, and makes them aware of it, and that he is the first to perform this character, “which was absent from the scene after the appearance of oil, and added by saying that I had the honor of being the first to present it”, and I am always keen to present this character, time after time, in its capacity as one of the characters I present the most”.
The artist, Mohammad Hassan Al-Mohammadi, describes the character of “Al-Mutawa” as “an important figure in our lives, and it has a great influence on our authentic Qatari heritage, and, therefore, I am keen to embody it, documenting the ancient Qatari heritage, preserving it from extinction, and reviving it among the current generation, as well as among future generations.”
He recalls the role of “Al-Mutawa”, and his assertion that he was the one who taught children to read the Holy Qur’an in the village, before the advent of oil, in addition to teaching them some educational curricula lessons. They finished the Holy Qur’an, and then the children who had memorized the Holy Qur’an put on a Bisht, a Ghutra and a Headband, and gave them a small sword, as evidence of manhood. He should pray for the rest of the children behind him, in a good atmosphere of faith and heritage”.
He says: “I am always keen on reviving this character and protecting it from extinction. I am working hard to preserve this heritage, revive it among the current generation, and link it to its heritage, and, then, instill beautiful and popular customs and traditions in their souls, especially since this character is still engraved in the memory. However, I am keen to develop the performance of this character time after time, and I do not say one occasion after another, as this character always accompanies me, and I am very happy with it.
He expresses his happiness at the coincidence of the National Day celebrations with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, stressing that he has been keen to be a volunteer in sporting events since 1976, “I was even called the Volunteer Ambassador, and since then I have been a permanent volunteer with the national team”.
He further says that: he is currently a volunteer in the 2022 World Cup, and takes charge of the Lusail World Cup stadium, where he welcomes the audience in his own way. He expressed his happiness to play this role, and that this is a source of pride for him.