In conjunction with Expo 2023 Doha and under the slogan (Green Desert, Better Environment), the Qatari Forum for Authors presented a lecture entitled: (Environmental Dimensions of the Aesthetic of Plant Decoration in Islamic Architecture), during which he shed light on Islamic concepts regarding the environment, architecture and practical practices in achieving the value of reconstruction in the land and the transition from the principle of credit to the principle of sustainability, presented by Dr. Jaafar Yayush, Professor of Civilization, specializing in the history of science.

The workshop presenter explained the relationship between plant decorative elements in shaping the components of Islamic architecture as an aesthetic value that furnishes external and internal architectural designs, invoking those cultural and social tributaries inherent in the subconscious mind or in the collective memory of the Arab man, the descendant of rude Arabism and aroma saturated with desert values based on simplicity and serenity.

He emphasized the existence of an advanced awareness of the role of the environment in city planning and the need to preserve it according to the Qur’anic perspective and the practical Sunnah of the Prophet calling for the preservation of natural biodiversity without human intervention.