It is decided to hold the thirty first session of the Doha international book fair during the period from 13 to 22 January 2022 under the supervision of the ministry of culture and sports and the organization of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events, affiliated to the ministry. America will be the guest of honour for the forthcoming session, within the framework of the 2021 Cultural Year between Qatar and the United States of America.


The Organizing Committee of the Fair has set the day for the commencement of registration and participation in the forthcoming session of the Fair, with 1 November 2021 as the deadline for receiving applications, 18 November 2021 as the deadline for receiving subscription fees, and 15 November 2021 as the deadline for receiving delegates’ passports.


The receipt of book packages will begin on 15 December 2021, while 2 January 2022 will be the deadline for the receipt of book packages, and 23 January 2022 will be the deadline for the evacuation of the exhibition hall.


The Qatar Centre for Cultural and Heritage Events has established executive committees for this purpose, namely: the Technical Committee, the Cultural Committee, the Department of Institutional Communication and the Department of Events.

How to participate:

The application for subscription to publishing houses, libraries, cultural institutions, research centres, societies, universities, international organizations and ministries is made through the website of the  exhibition, under several conditions, including through the website of the exhibition.


This is considered an approval and acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the exhibition, and the exhibition management has the right to accept or reject any subscription application without giving reasons, and without assuming any responsibility, and that the participating party has a license for a publishing or distribution house, and the number of its publications is not less than 50 titles


Among the conditions are also that the exhibits contain 50% of the new books that have not been issued for more than five years, and that a copy of the commercial licenses and official documents of the participating party should be uploaded in the space designated for it on the website, in addition to filling out the data of the publications that the subscriber displays. It will be sold at the exhibition on the registration screen, and the subscription request will not be seen until after filling out this information completely. The conditions of participation stressed the importance of adhering to all precautionary measures to combat Covid-19 in force in Qatar, and adhering to all instructions issued by the exhibition management in this regard.

Subscription Controls

The Organizing Committee of the Exhibition has established several criteria for participation in the exhibition, the foremost of which is that the exhibits of the participant should not conflict with Islamic faith and principles and the values and customs of Qatari society.


Participation in the exhibition is limited to books, publications and educational aids, and it is forbidden to display and sell audio-visual tapes and children’s games, provided that the participating party abides by the rules and regulations followed in the country, if it wishes to request visas according to the procedures in force, and that the selling prices are in Qatari riyals, after 25% discount, and the participating parties must abide by the prices listed in the data that were filled in by them, and the exhibition management has the right to monitor sales prices and intervene in the event that prices do not match what is stated in the data listed by the authorities, and take whatever measures it deems appropriate against violators And the subscriber is obligated to put the price on all books according to the price data that has been approved by the exhibition management.


The publishers directly involved may display and sell the books of the other publishing houses, provided that a power of attorney is obtained from the publishing house on behalf of the Doha International Book Fair (31st), issued in 2021-2022, and printed on the respective forms, and that the number of permits for each participant from within the State of Qatar does not exceed (6) and from outside the State of Qatar (4).

The Doha International Book Fair is one of the oldest and largest international book fairs in the region and has a good reputation because of the high turnout of Gulf, Arab and foreign countries.


The first launch of the exhibition was in 1972 under the supervision of the Qatari National Library. It was held every two years, and since 2002 it has been held every year. The exhibition acquired an international character after its success in attracting the largest and most important publishing houses in the world, where their number reached 20 publishing houses in the first exhibition until the publishing houses participating in its last session reached 335 publishing houses representing 31 Arab and foreign countries, including countries that participated for the first time such as Belgium and Australia, in addition to what was characterized by the same session in terms of the high number of participating agencies, which means the publishers’ confidence in the exhibition, and that it constitutes for them It is a safe destination, and every session has a significant increase in their numbers than the previous ones.