A new training course entitled “A comprehensive entrance for television media”, that lasts for two days, was launched in the Qatari Media Center, which is presented by the presenter/Wahiba Bouhalais.

The course announced by the Center through its various digital accounts witnessed a great demand for registration of different age groups, especially from the media workers, where the course is presented and over two days, many skills related to television media. The course included several axes, including an entrance to the television media, through which the participants recognize the basics of television media and what distinguishes it from other media.

It also included the definition of the television report and its types, the characteristics of writing for the image, and the most important thing that must be made when writing a television report, in addition to the types and diversity of television reports.

The course also dealt with the audio performance in the TV work and its effect, whether during reading of the broadcasts to the broadcasters or the presentation of programs or even for reading texts. It also addressed television presentation and what it represents in the field of television media work, skills and essentials needed by those who want to enter this field, whether in terms of mastery of reading and the correct pronunciation of letters and other skills.

For her part, Mrs. Eman Al-Ka’abi, the Director of the Qatari Media Center, expressed her happiness with this positive interaction by the participants, stressing the Center’s keenness to provide courses that already contribute to promoting skills or developing and discovering talents. Al-Ka’abi explained that this course comes as a continuation of the courses previously presented by the Qatari Media Center during the last period, which focused on its diversity and presenting what is useful and new in the field of media in its various forms, indicating that the Center seeks to benefit from the experiences and expertise of many media professionals and convert them into material Scientific and methodological can contribute to enhancing different skills, especially among new generations of young people.