Via Zoom platform for remote meetings, Qatar Social and Cultural Centre for the Blind organized a technical meeting about Braille Note Touch Plus device and its role in the blind educational process. The lecture was presented by the Assistive Technology Coach in the Centre, Ekrami Ahmed. During the lecture, he introduced the importance of the device and how it contributes to enhancing student inclusion in classroom and facilitating communication between student and teacher. He also discussed some of the features of its internal applications known as Kisssoft. During the meeting, he stated how the device might be used to focus on how to adapt books to students and read them out, deal with mathematical equations,
manage schedules, access e-mail and surf the Internet. Further, the Android system and the possibility of benefiting from this device in solving tests, multi-user device and access third-party educational applications were also highlighted.
During the meeting, the lecturer received Director of Braille Products at Humanware Company, Mr. Andrew Flaters.  Mr. Flaters spoke about the latest developments of the device that operates on the latest Android system. He further touched on its features as well as future and key updates that will be developed, including updating all the programs related to the device and making updates on the level of Kisssoft. This is to develop the device, fix all errors, solve issues related to configuration and calculator, and update Braille tutorials for the English language.
Braille Note Touch Plus is a device that was designed with touch technology and contains a tablet of external and internal panels. It features a touch screen equipped with a screen reader, recognized by the blind’s fingers through the touch technology. Thus, the blind can read and write. Additionally, applications and software, including Docs, Google and YouTube can be reached quickly.