The events of the Doha Theater Festival, which lasts until next Sunday, included a discussion session entitled Readings in Abdul Aziz Jassim’s Theater Experience. The session, which was held two days ago, was moderated by Ahmed Abdullah, who started his comments by reviewing milestones in Abdul Aziz Jassim’s career. He focused on Jassim’s contributions as one of the most prominent theater actors in the Gulf and the wide range of roles he played on stage in comedies, tragedies, and political plays, all of which touched people’s hearts and reflected their concerns and aspirations.

Actor Mohammed Bou Jassoum commented that the late Jassim (Bou Saud) honed his acting skills by keeping a keen eye on everyday life and by closely observing the art scene and various actors. Jassim continuously experimented and strove to develop his own unique acting style. He also participated in many theater training programs. Bou Jassoum remembered that when the Culture and Arts Administration was first established in 1976, it organized two workshops, one was led by the late Al-Munsif Al-Suwaysi in 1979 and the other was the Doha Theater Training Program in 1986. Jassim participated in both. Bou Jassoum noted that what distinguished Abdul Aziz Jassim most were his presence and quick wit, both on stage and in front of cameras.

Director and actor Falih Fayiz shared some of his fond memories of the late Jassim, and many in the audience were so moved that they joined in with their stories about Jassim. Saad Bourashid started his comments by announcing his plans to document Jassim’s career and contributions, as he shared many of those successes with Jassim starting when Bourashid joined Al-Sad Theater Company when Bou Jassoum was the first to graduate from the Theater Department.