Tomorrow at 10 a.m. in the Bayt Al-Hekma Hall, the Ministry of Culture organizes a symposium entitled (National identity and improvement of cultural production in the State of Qatar), moderated by Ms. Maryam Yassin Al-Hammadi, Director of the Department of Culture and Arts, in which: Saad Burshaid, Faisal Al-Tamimi, Abdul Hamid Al-Yousef and Lina Al-Aali will participate. The symposium targets various artistic and cultural fields to highlight their capacity to absorb elements of national identity and the importance of the latter to improve cultural production in the country.

The Ministry of Culture seeks to enhance the role of culture as a framework for preserving identity and enhancing citizenship by working to sponsor and support cultural production that aims to strengthen the components of national identity through the development of attractive cultural events that culturally elevate the level of community participation, working to discover and foster cultural talents, and increasing cultural production that enhances national identity.