The excitement continued in the motorcycles category within the Qatar e-racing championship organized by the Qatar Automobile and Motorcycles Federation “Online” with the participation of 21 competitors, including 4 riders from Kuwait.
The second round of the tournament witnessed a surprise. Winner of the first round, Rider Saeed Al-Sulaiti, faced a technical problem in the Internet that led to his obtaining zero points in this round, to fall to ninth in the general ranking of the second group with 40 points, obtained from the first round. Furthermore, cyclist Hamad Al-Sulaiti faced the same problem, to fall to tenth place with 29 points in the second group.
Cyclist Saud Al-Thani continued his successes and achieved his second successive victory to lead the first group, after winning the second round of races, recording a time of 1: 38.479 minutes.

Saud Al-Thani leads the first group with 80 points at the end of the second round.
In the second group, the Kuwaiti rider Ali Ahmed won first place in the second round, recording a time of 1: 40.115 minutes.
Kuwait’s Ali Ahmed leads Group Two with 73 points at the end of the second round.
The third round of this tournament will be held today, and the first 6 riders from each group will qualify for the final stage of the competition for the first five places of the tournament.