Tuesday morning, the summer activities and programs of Al-Arabi Sports Club will start for a whole month at the headquarter of the club at new Salata area.


Activities will be performed in two shifts, morning shift from nine thirty to eleven in the afternoon and the evening shift from four to five PM under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and Department of Youth Activities and Events and within the framework of full compliance with the precautionary measures taken by the State to combat the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19).


The Youth and Community Committee at the Club has prepared a large number of various activities and programs as the activity plan is based on satisfying desires of youth by providing them with appropriate activities according to the age groups of the affiliates of the summer activities during the summer period. They are provided by various courses in number of educational fields in cooperation with “Nomas Center” and skills such as swimming and Karate courses in addition to other distinguished activities that suit ages of the participants.


Mohammad Al-Amiri, head of the Cultural Committee of Al-Arabi Sports Club confirmed that the club seeks to develop the youth sector in order to achieve effective participation of the targeted youth groups and to develop them in cultural, social, sports and intellectual aspect according to values, authenticity and principles of Qatar society in addition to caring for the talented and supporting creativity in various fields. He pointed out that the Club’s summer activity team is preparing for a distinguished summer activity.


Also, he pointed out the strong start and launch of activities by practicing various programs such as sports activities within sports games and skills, fitness training, competitions in individual and group games in the club’s gym and social activities that are practiced through trips and visits inside and outside the club as well as social competitions, health and traffic education in addition to practicing social activities the participants like. He said that the first day will include two courses with “Nomas Center” on etiquette of meetings, the Youth Center for Hobbies and the “FIFA League”.


He said, “The aim of these summer activities is to fill the spare time of the participants with what is beneficial to them, build a balanced personality, consolidate national belonging, have a close connection and relationship among members of the society, unity with its wise leadership, invest free time in diverse and meaningful educational and creational  programs, develop talents of youth, provide them with different skills and experiences and enrich the art of dialogue and interaction with others”.