His Excellency Mr. Sultan bin Hassan Al-Jamali, the Secretary General of the National Human Rights Committee, said that Ramadan Book Fair carries many connotations, especially that it comes in blessed days that urge reflection on the meanings of the Noble Qur’an, the first verse of which urges reading and learning.

He added that: From our follow-up to the exhibition, we found that it is inclusive of all age groups, with a focus on the childhood and youth categories, which we stress the importance of respecting their right to education, which is one of their most important rights. “We noticed a wide participation of Arab and Islamic countries, which created a kind of diversity in publications and books, and thus created an Arab cultural synthesis”.

As for the heritage atmosphere, His Excellency said: It seems clear that the Ministry of Culture is keen to highlight the cultural heritage, starting with choosing the Darb Al-Saai headquarters to hold the exhibition, to the various activities that consolidate our culture and reflect keeping pace with the atmosphere of the exhibition, the Ramadan atmosphere, the call to urge reading, and the benefit of what publishing houses offer. It increased my knowledge in various religious, cultural, intellectual and scientific fields, pointing out that the exhibition would enrich the literary arena and cultural diversity, by attracting intellectuals and those interested in religious sciences in particular.