Motorcycle competitions in the Qatar e-racing championship are entering its crucial stages with the establishment of the second and penultimate round of the final stage today. The round is witnessing strong competition to clinch the leading positions of the championship organized by the Qatar Online Motors and Motorcycles Association, in an effort to discover talents after the great success of the cars championship.
The final stage began with the first round that was held at the historic Downington Circuit in Britain with the participation of 14 contestants. It was a strong competition, and the rider Saeed Al-Sulaiti managed to continue his success by achieving the first round after he won the first place, recording a time of 21: 04.691 minutes, beating cyclist Saud bin Jassim Al-Thani, who finished second with a difference of 10.409. Rider Khaled Al Maraghi came third with a difference of 26,382 from the leader, and cyclist Hadi Ahmed came fourth. Thus cyclist Saeed Al-Sulaiti topped the overall ranking with 40 points, while rider Saud bin Jassim Al-Thani won 36 points, cyclist Khaled Al-Maraghi 33 points, and Hadi Ahmed 31 points.