Al Dana Girls Centre drew a curtain on its religious, cultural and social activities for the holy month of Ramadan, which included various activities, provided by the Centre via its online platforms throughout the holy month. Walaa Ahmed Yusef, the Centre’s Director, explained that several online activities that were tailored for the needs of different age groups at the Centre, were held during Ramadan, including Ramadan programme “Lawl”, which targeted girls aged 12 and over, and “Jedr w Mallas” (Pot and Ladle), a programme which focused on Qatari recipes and traditions and had the Centre’s employees participating.  The Centre’s activities also included programmes, such as “Msayyan Qatar” and “Rmadan Ghabga”, which tackled successfully content industry throughout the month. Additionally, the Centre posted Duas (Supplications) for the 30 days of the holy month.