His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Thani, the Minister of Culture and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the National Day celebrations, received students and faculty members at Balat Al Shuhada “Martyrs’ Court” Secondary School for Boys in Kuwait, in Darb Al Saai, this evening, who were honored by His Excellency also.

The students and faculty members toured the cultural events and activities held in Darb Al Saai, where they expressed their joy and pride in what Qatar offers to its guests, the exceptional organization of the World Cup, as well as the activities of Darb Al Saai.

Mr. Ali Al-Dhafiri, the Director of Balat Al-Shuhada “Martyrs Court” School, praised the warm welcome they received during this visit, and added, “The warm reception and generosity is not strange for our brothers in our second country, Qatar.”

Al-Dhafiri expressed his admiration for Darb Al Saai, which includes various cultural and heritage activities and events and their educational implications for students, as they have the opportunity to learn about the Qatari and Gulf heritage in general due to the convergence of customs, traditions and culture as well.

He added: Our visit to the State of Qatar was distinguished, especially in light of the World Cup atmosphere, and today, during our visit to the National Day celebrations, we lived the national atmosphere with our Qatari brothers.

At the end of his speech, Al-Dhafiri raised his warmest congratulations to the leadership and people of the State of Qatar on the occasion of the National Day and the success of organizing the World Cup, wishing Qatar all further progress and prosperity.

For his part, Mr. Abdullah Zakaria, the Assistant Director at Balat Al Shuhada “Martyrs Court” School, said: The visit to this large gathering of heritage and cultural events is very important, and he described it as an educational and cultural tour at the same time by explaining the Qatari and Gulf heritage to students and the lives of ancestors in the past.

He expressed his great admiration for the design of the buildings in Darb Al Saai, which reflects the old architectural style in the Gulf countries, and provides an opportunity for students to learn about the development of building forms in the Gulf countries.