Qatar Photography Center has started a training course entitled “Photography Techniques of Arabian Horses”.

The four-day course targets those interested in photographing Arabian horses and those wishing to develop their skills in this field, as the workshop aims to introduce participants to the art of photography of Arabian horses and acquire the basics of photography, advanced techniques and appropriate coordination to highlight the beauty of horses in pictures.

The course is offered by photographer and trainer Asmaa Ali, and participants will be provided with an opportunity to practice photographing Arabian horses in practical application at Al Shaqab, provide guidance, guidance and develop their skills.

In this regard, Farha Al-Kuwari, Media Officer at Qatar Photography Center, said that the center is distinguished by organizing many diverse events during the coming period, including the Basics of Photography course, which aims to train beginner amateurs in the field of photography, and the course includes a theoretical part that explains the concepts of photography, and an applied part that allows participants to apply the information learned in practice.

Farha Al-Kuwari added: The center will also offer a specialized course in the use of external camera flash (Speed Light), and the course includes the theoretical aspects of using camera flash, in addition to a practical aspect that includes applications abroad to teach participants how to make the most of this technology.

The media official continued: This is in addition to the center’s participation in Darb Al-Saai, with various activities such as the photo exhibition and the photography competition, and this exhibition is a great opportunity to display and share their photographic works with the public, as well as a special photography competition in Darb Al-Saai.

Regarding the center’s periodic activities, Farha Al-Kuwari said: “The Photographers Friday is organized periodically, where professional and amateur photographers are invited to participate and exchange experiences and cultures. This Friday provides an opportunity for photographers to learn about the experiences of professional photographers and benefit from their expertise in the field of photography.

On the objectives of Qatar Photography Center, Farha Al-Kuwari explained that the center works to develop the photographic movement within the country, and to discover the creativity of Qatari youth in this field, through courses, workshops, competitions and photography exhibitions offered by the center throughout the year, our commitment remains strong and continuous to encourage photographers, raise their capabilities and develop their artistic talents in the field of photography.