The Minister of Culture and Sports, H.E. Mr. Abdulrahman Musallam Al-Dosari, reported that a new provision has been introduced to allow the establishment of business clubs, with a view to encouraging the business sector.

“There are now 3 kinds of clubs”, Al-Dosari said “including community clubs such as the 18-league clubs, and private and enterprise sports clubs. “An enterprise club, Porsche Automotive Club”, he indicated, “has recently been established with a view to encourage the business sector”.

Business and private clubs, He pointed out, do not get the support of the state community clubs enjoy, especially since community clubs have headquarters. The ministry is satisfied with the number of clubs already existing, that get the support of the state, but they can be converted in the future to civil clubs if need arises. Priority for those who apply is considered by geographical area.

Private clubs like El-Jaish Sports Club and Lekhwiya Sports Club, Al-Dosari explained, were converted into community clubs, and more private clubs could be established, such as Qatar Petroleum. Moreover, business clubs are subject to the requirements applied to all other clubs; i.e. the necessity to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Trade and Industry before referring to the Ministry of Culture and Sports for approval and to the Federation concerned to be licensed following the acquisition of the business, private or community entity.

In response to an inquiry by Al-bidda Sports Club, one of the amateur clubs that plays in the second-class league, by a decision of the Football Association with no right to qualify for the first-class league, and it was also excluded from the third-division matches due to the precautionary measures, During Al-Majlis program to AlKass Sports Channels, Al-Dosari said that Al-bidda SC can head for registration as a business club.

On the conditions of qualifying as a community club, Al-Dosari said, at least 20 members must submit a substantiated application for the establishment of a community club, and have a headquarters, and the Ministry must consider the need for a club in the respective geographical region, together with all the other required conditions. Currently, he continued, the Ministry does not object to granting the approval and business license if the type of activity is clear.

Mohammad Hamad Al-Khayarin, the general supervisor of the football team in Al-bidda SC, said that Al-bidda SC filed an official request to be legalized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, thanking the Football Federation, in advance, for giving the club the chance to play in the second class league.