The Qatar Sports for All Federation affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in the context of continuing its activities aimed at preserving health of all and searching for the best way to reach the largest possible number of members of society of all age groups and encourage them to practice sports without stopping, has announced the re-launch of the 365-day activity program and the launch of its sports training programs in public parks on a daily basis by providing various sport exercise classes for all age groups including youth, women, men and children. These classes amounted to 429 outdoor training classes under supervision of specialized sports coaches before stop of sports activities. Number of participants in the program according to the latest statistics reached 23.405 participants.


The federation confirmed that the 365-day activity program didn’t stop presenting its activities as it was keen to present them regularly through daily live broadcast programs through the accounts of Qatar Sports for All Federation on social media targeting all members of society including men and women in order to raise awareness of the importance of sport and practicing it at all times.


The Federation indicated that the 365-day activity program will resume its training programs for men on a daily basis from five in the evening until six in the evening in Aspire Park near the men place of prayer on the western side of the park and Al- Bidaa on the northern side of the park near the Roman theater in addition to Al Rayyan park. Also, it will resume its sports program for women in Al-Luqta and Oxygen Parks seven days a week from five to eight in the evening.


In the same context, the Federation is keen to provide male and female trainers specialized in sports activity of sufficient experience to provide sports classes for 365-Day activity program in addition to raising the level of physical fitness for all participants in the program through classes that are provided daily free of charge in the open parks.

Participation will be available for everyone to attend during the specified times provided abiding by all the precautionary measures announced by the Ministry of Health in order to ensure safety of all. Events of the 365-Day activity program depend on performing exercises using body weight without devices through kinetic exercises that include three types. They are strength of endurance that is aerobic exercises to stimulate the heart and blood vessels. The second type is muscles training to raise the efficiency of the participants’ performance to achieve physical fitness. The third type focuses on body biometrics in cooperation with specialists from the primary care center.


This is within the interest of the Ministry of Culture and Sports represented by the Sports for All Federation to take care of health as there is a close relationship between exercising and keeping health. The 365-Day Activity program, within its future plans will perform an activity with the help of primary health care specialists to take the body’s biometrics regarding weight, body mass, diabetes, pressure and percentage of water for the practitioners of activities of the program to keep their health and to practice the sports suitable to their health and age on an ongoing basis and to provide them with useful advices.


The program combines exercising sport and health and it contributes to keeping health of the public and spreading awareness of the importance of sports in reducing chronic diseases especially diabetes and blood pressure and changing their lifestyle for the better. The program includes sports exercise classes, physical fitness, physical challenge to identify the performance level of participants every month as the program supervisors evaluate the training provided to increase strength, flexibility and endurance.


Because the year 2020 witnessed the suspension of all sporting events and activities, the Qatar Sports for All Federation was keen to continue providing sporting events and activities emphasizing its role and message in spreading culture of practicing sport throughout the year within social media by providing various virtual events which amounted to 160 events such as home sports challenges, medical advices, home exercises and “Walk With Us” exercise in addition to sports advice videos and the event entitled “The Sport is Continuous”.


The sports indicated that the expansion of the services of the 365-Day Activity program is based on the expansion of the number of public parks where the training is provided with allocation of more private places for women to exercise and this contributed to the increase in number of women in addition to men to participate in activities of the program.


The daily average number of participants in the program’s activities ranged from 35 to 50 participants in five public parks and the program witnessed remarkable attendance from Qatari women and residents in order to participate in the park’s events and its various activities where the average daily attendance is between 20 to 30 female participants.


The Qatar Sports for All Federation confirmed that women who go for walking with their children can participate in sports classes which the program offers daily free of charge in Al Luqta and Oxygen Parks as space and privacy are available under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced coaches. The federation aims at expanding the participation of Qatari women and residents in order to raise sports awareness and making it a culture and a style of life.


The federation invites women and girls to exercise sports and participate in this program as it has daily activities and weekly events as a way of life.

The 365-Day activity program witnesses a remarkable attendance of Qatari women and residents in order to participate in the park’s events and its various activities as average daily attendance is between 20 and 30 female participants.


The 365-Day Activity program is characterized by the fact that it saves the opportunity to everyone to practice new forms of sport activities they didn’t know before within the help of specialized trainers from Qatar University, Department of Sports Sciences, who are specialized in physical fitness. Therefore, there are no injuries among participants even from the elderly as the trainer knows well ages of the participants and allocates everyone the exercise suitable for his age and health condition. The trainer divides the participants into two groups. The first group practices exercise in the normal way and the second group practices the modified exercise that suits the condition of each one.


Program officials confirm that participation in the 365-Day Activity program is available to all without registration and the program has a special online group within which participants are informed with events, places of events in addition to motivational advertisements to encourage participants.