The atmosphere of the General Assembly of Al-Wakrah Sports Club held yesterday in the club headquarters was dominated by questions about the sports facilities available in the club and their ability to respond to the sports equipment needs of different age groups. Club members expressed their hope that the club’s outdoor sports hall will be prepared to host the handball team trainings instead of renting other sports hall outside the club. They also demanded the construction and equipment of athletics fields instead of training on the athletic fields of other clubs or looking for solutions to patch things up.
Members participating in the General Assembly also expressed their concerns that the decisions of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to cut the remunerations of players and coaches may affect the club results in the different competitions the club will participate in in the new season as well as the remaining competitions in the current season, adding that this will even affect the players’ joining the club.
In return, the Board of Directors, which is formed of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hassan Al Thani (the president) and Salman Abdullah Abdul Ghani (vice president) won by acclamation to assume its duties in the club for the term 2020-2024, after their list remained the sole list in the election race of the club board of directors since the door was opened for nominations.
The club’s General Assembly started after a quorum of attendees of the General Assembly had been reached with the attendance of 18 from 26 members. The meeting witnessed positive atmospheres as the results of different sports bodies were mentioned. Salman Abdullah Abdul Ghani, the club vice-president, noted the great efforts made by the heads of different bodies in the club to achieve these results, promising his continued support to them in the new sports season.