The Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture strives to further enhance the value of artistic and aesthetic talents among young people by engaging in the various arts activities held by the Center throughout the year.

On the sidelines of the “Monoprinting” workshop organized by the Center, artist Huda Al-Yafei, Director of the Visual Arts Center, said: “Through the Center’s strategy set for 2022, we seek to discover talents in arts fields among young people, work to develop and support their artistic talents, and spread artistic awareness among school students, in addition to preserving and developing the collective memory of Qatari plastic art.” She pointed out that this year’s agenda includes many workshops and educational courses in various fields of arts such as drawing, sculpture, printing, graphics, and others.

During the upcoming period, in addition, a workshop will be held by artist Nihad Al-Azzawi under the title “Gypsum Matrix: Sculpture Technology”; introducing the history of sculpture, its tools and types. This, furthermore, will be followed by a set of technical workshops and specialized courses, which will be announced soon. Yesterday evening, the Center concluded the “Monoprinting” workshop, which was presented by artist Abdul Rahman Al-Mutawa over a period of three days. The workshop dealt with artistic expressions in printing, where the participants (17 years and above) were introduced to printing styles and technologies; in addition to providing them with a great deal of practice so that they complete their work on their own while getting acquainted with the latest techniques embraced by the trainer through his many experiences in the field of printing, in addition to the necessity to learn everything new in this field.