Amidst a heritage atmosphere, to draw inspiration from the past, evoke the present, and anticipate the future, Darb Al-Saai witnessed the holding the third symposium, which was titled “Heritage… An Extended Legacy and Deep Impact”, where the following people participated: Mr. Khalifa Al-Sayed, a researcher in heritage, and Mr. Khaled Al-Ziyara, a Writer and media person, and Mr. Saleh Gharib, a writer and media person, which was managed and presented by Ahmed Al-Saadi, a journalist.

The participants toured the audience in the atmosphere of the ancient past, where they drew from it its achievements and good impacts, which support the Qatari identity, and confirm the authenticity of this ancient heritage, which has deep roots.

During the symposium, the participants appreciated the role of the Ministry of Culture and the rest of the state institutions in preserving the heritage and working on its documentation in order to support the national identity, and to confirm the long-rooted heritage.

For his part, Mr. Saleh Gharib recalled the efforts of the Folklore Center in documenting the heritage, through the field collection of narrators, and the courses the center held to collect as much folklore as possible. He praised the role of official institutions, including the Ministry of Culture, which had and still has a prominent role in collecting heritage, which reflects the state’s interest in heritage, in order to enhance the national identity in society.

Saleh Gharib discussed the role of historical series and theater in preserving heritage stressing that the Qatari art is replete with many radio, television and theatrical works that employed the local heritage in pioneering works. These works evoked the Qatari history and heritage, which strengthened the national identity, and, thus, attracted a large audience from different segments.

For his part, Mr. Khalifa Al-Sayed confirmed that the state’s official authorities play a great role in caring for and preserving the local heritage, and that there are many efforts that have achieved their goals, such as registering the Zubarah site on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as registering some other files on the international list, such as those that included Al Majlis and the coffee shop, in addition to preparing to include other files on the state list.

Al-Sayed dealt also with the history of Darb Al-Saai and stopped at the point that it is the one concerned with delivering information from and to, as it was known in the “The First Time”, which is the means that is comparable to the role played by the devices and the media today, with a big difference.

Khalifa Al-Sayed appreciated the choice of the current location for Darb Al-Saai. He stressed that the establishment of Darb Al-Saai is very important, as it sheds light on the country’s activities, because of the importance it represents in evoking Qatari history and heritage, with all their nobility.

In turn, Mr. Khaled Al-Ziyara addressed the role of individuals in preserving heritage. Stressing that taking care of the heritage and preserving it is of a great interest to all the members of society, who always stand as one unit to preserve their heritage, in support of their national identity, and an affirmation of the ancientness of their history.

Al-Ziyara said that the State of Qatar will remain the umbrella of the world in its ancient heritage and culture, and that it is currently presenting them to the world through its successful hosting of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which is a success that everyone praises.

Khaled Al-Ziyara added by saying that the name Qatar has become a source of inspiration for many who follow it abroad, thanks to its rich heritage and long-rooted history.