The Ministry of Culture and Sports is currently preparing for holding the ordinary general assembly meetings for first and second class clubs while taking all precautionary measures in cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Clubs and the Ministry of Health. This comes with the approaching date of the general assemblies, which shall witness elections for the posts of President and Vice President for the 2020-2024 electoral cycle. General assemblies shall be held according to precautionary measures and preventive measures in clubs, with the arrival of the second stage of easing restrictions imposed due to the Coronavirus. The general assemblies shall start at Al Markhiya Club on 16 July, then the general assembly of Al Wakra Club is on 18 July, Al Sailiya on 19 July, and Al Khor Club on 20 July, Mesaimeer Club on 22 July, the general assembly of Qatar Club on 23 July, Al Ahly Club on 25 July, and Muaither Club on 27 July. Al Duhail Sports Club general assembly shall be held on 28 July, snd it is the only one that will not witness elections. General Assemblies for the rest of the clubs will be held next August. Whereas, the general assembly of Al-Kharitiyat Club will be held on 11 August, Al-Shahaniya SC on 13 August, Al-Rayyan SC on 25 August, Al-Sadd SC on 30 August, and Al-Arabi SC on 31 August. The Ministry of Culture and Sports had previously confirmed according to Abdul Rahman Al-Dossari, a consultant to His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Sports, that the Ministry of Culture and Sports is considering two options for conducting club elections. The first is conducting elections in the normal way, in line with the precautionary measures. The second is through technological means, without the physical presence of members, after preparing an application for holding meetings in clubs «online», but the Ministry settled on holding meetings to the traditional way in line with precautionary measures. Al-Raya Sport magazine reported that the Ministry has addressed some clubs with the procedures to be followed for general assemblies, especially with the approaching date of the meeting.
The ministry also urged members to pay subscription fees via the ministry’s online application or in clubs.