The Youth Media Center participated in the pavilion of the Ministry of Culture and Sports within the activities of Qatari success, which lasted for three days and witnessed the organization of many different events and activities. The fourth edition of the Qatari Success event witnessed great interaction by several governmental and semi-governmental agencies, in addition to the participation of many different sectors in the country.


The participation of the Youth Media Centre is part of its active role in promoting cooperation between the Centre and the various State bodies. The Centre also seeks to attract all young people in Qatar.


During his participation in the “Qatari Success” event, the media center opened the door to membership for those wishing to join, and also introduced many of the activities and events it organizes through its promotion and presentation.


During its participation in a Qatari success event, the Center renewed the call to all Qatari producers, photographers and directors to open the door for cooperation with the Center.


All Qatari production companies specialized in the media field were also invited to register in the center for the purpose of activating cooperation between them and the center in a way that serves the strategy of the youth media center to support all creative skills of the various segments of Qatari society, especially the youth.