Al-Arabi Sports Club General Assembly member, Sohaila Al Hareb, officially announced her nomination for presidency elections in Al-Arabi Sports Club in the coming electoral cycle 2020 / 2024, when the candidacy registration process begins on the 18th of July. Sohaila Al Hareb announced that she will run for the elections, after feeling a great desire on the part of the club members to have her run for the club presidency once again, especially as she is well received by the members of the General Assembly, where the elections will be held on the 31st of the next month.
Sohaila Al Hareb reported that her nomination to head Al-Arabi Sports Club was not made lightly, rather, it is a further confirmation of her keen desire to go through the experience of being the first woman to run for presidency in Club elections. This will motivate many other women to go for the experience in the coming future.
After numerous consultations with and support from the members of the Club General Assembly, she took the decision to undergo the experience, placing the benefit of Al-Arabi Club in the first place under work and effort as the slogan of the next stage. We depend on our loyal fans to advance our age-old club.
“I will go through the elections and I have confidence in God and then the members of the General Assembly”, Al Hareb said.
“The reason why I chose to take this step”, Sohaila Al Hareb explained, “is because I had a strong conviction that I have to do something for our fans and the General Assembly”.
“I felt less afraid and intimidated than I felt that Al-Arabi is my home and my place and I feel like Al-Arabi Club members are my family members”, Al Hareb indicated. “Whether I won the presidency or not”, she continued, “My presence in Al-Arabi will continue through the voluntary committees. I will offer many services to the club and its members, which will be announced soon through my election program,” said Sohaila Al-Hawar.
Sohaila Al Hareb has received an honorary PhD from the Department of Economic Research and Studies, of the League of Arab States in 2014.
She had also run for the elections of the Council of Municipal Affairs in 2007 and the Qatar Chamber of Commerce in 2014, and has won the Arab Women’s Union elections in 2018 in Cairo. She is also a member of many women’s business councils in the Arab world, has strong international relations and has contributed to attracting domestic and international investments both inside and outside Qatar.