Darb Al-Saai witnessed the holding of the second seminar, as part of the activities of the National Day of the State 2022, which fell under the title “New Media .. How to Create Content and Influence”, in which the media woman, Iman Al-Kaabi, and Youssef Hussein “Joe Show”, the activist on social media, Osama Naasan, an activist on social media, participated in it. The seminar was run by the media man Ahmed Al Saadi.

During the seminar, the media woman, Iman Al-Kaabi, discussed the importance of social media, and that this importance is not suspended on one level, but rather goes beyond it to several levels.  Noting that content creation needs to a content creator characterized  by  skill and credibility further to provide an interesting content observing all age groups in a manner that achieves the desired goal. And she stressed the need to distinguish between creating the content and daily publishing as creating, as creating the content needs special effort and skill in order to achieve the desired goal, unlike daily publishing. Stressing that the content accomplished on Qatar Radio during her work enabled her to create content.

During her intervention, the media woman Iman Al-Kaabi distinguished between two types of social media stars. Stressing that there are those who rely on profitability, compared to others who rely on content creation such relies on credibility and transparency, noting the importance of social networking sites has made them the fastest means of disseminating news and spreading it among society.

She stressed the danger of rushing to report news, claiming precedence and exclusivity, without adopting standards of accuracy and credibility so the content creator does not lose credibility among its visitors.

She added that her work on Qatar Radio enhanced her credibility and accuracy in creating content, and should not rush to publish the  news without being documented and credible, which made her a source of confidence among her followers on social media.

The media woman drew attention to the importance of the influence of “Twitter”, and its adoption by many pioneers of digital platforms, in addition to its adoption by various agencies and institutions. Pointing out that the “podcast” enjoys presenting distinguished and high-end programs, and is usually used by the elite, and that its users are also from elite.

In his turn, Osama Naasan said that at the time that media plays a major role in influencing various circles, the current generation has become more dependent on social media sites, which have become more influential.

Naasan added: This matter requires the need to encourage content creation which is broadcasted  through various social networking sites, in a way that enhances our culture and history and supports our identity, especially among the current generation, including children, which thus creates cohesive religious, cultural and heritage communities.  The matter which requires its enhancement in all communities.

As for Youssef Hussein, he came to attend  the seminar,  his media experiences on television, and before on social media, over the course of nine years and his keenness to be present on all different digital platforms, and his discovery that each platform has its audience and pioneers, just as its pioneers through each digital platform differ from others. Pioneers of other platforms.

He said that he has a very good followers on these digital platforms, and he was offered to attend the seminar for his role in content creation through these platforms, which thus made him to have  large number of followers following  him on various social media sites. Stressing the importance of the content creator having a great influence across the platforms. The various digital platforms, without being limited to the promotional aspects which he presents depending on profitability.

Youssef Hussein stressed the importance of the content that is provided through social media sites must have value and impact, even if it is transferring of the private life of digital content creator with positive characteristics, which the content creators should have them.