The Music Affairs Center, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, announced the release of a new artistic work titled Sirb al Ḥamāim to commemorate the National Day. It is written by Dr. Hassan Rashid, composed and arranged by Mohamed Al-Marri, sung by Mohamed Al-Mutawa and produced by the Center. The video clip was filmed by the social communication platform “Doha 360,” which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture. This artistic work reflects the endeavors of the Music Affairs Center to keep pace with the National Day celebrations, support the various Qatari competencies and reinforce the artistic scene with promising musical works.


The Music Affairs Center broadcast this artistic work yesterday on its YouTube channel, which was acclaimed by viewers as soon as it was launched on YouTube.


It is worth noting that the Center organized the “Soccer Chants” event during the past few days at the “House of Wisdom” in the Ministry of Culture and at the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara), as part of the activities organized by the Ministry of Culture, which coincide with Qatar’s hosting of the 2021 Arab Cup.