On the sidelines of the festival, a practical seminar was held commenting on the theater performance “Sizoi Banzi Mat” by the Sudanese community group, based on a text by the South African writer Athol Fujard and directed by Mohammad Al-Sinni, during which the artist Ali Mirza Mahmoud, who commented on the performance, said that: “We are happy to learn about a part from the Sudanese theater”, indicating that the writer was able to convey the suffering of the weak and marginalized, while the director relied on simplicity. And he considered that the actors were able to present a theatrical text that might be heavy on the audience as it was taken from a non-Arab culture, so there was a theatrical necessity to bring the text closer to the audience, which is what the artists Muhammad Al-Suni and Muhannad Mahjoub succeeded in doing. Mirza said that: The Sunni was able to embody for us the suffering of the Sudanese people. He confirmed that through the proposal presented by the director of the work and his reliance on the poor theater we had fun, and the proof of our enjoyment was the interaction we saw in the theater hall.