The “Dana Girls Centre” affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports organized an online workshop entitled “Shooting, Focus and Target” presented by Qatar Shooting Team player and nutritionist Reem Al-Sharshani. The workshop focused on girls from 15 years and older, with the aim of introducing the sport of shooting, its types, tools, difficulties and challenges that it face. Reem Al-Sharshani touched on many topics that included the basics of shooting tools and the impact of the game on her studies, the reason for choosing this field and the difficulties she faced.
Reem Al-Sharshani pointed out that are Principles that must be relied upon in learning shooting. The most important of these is to be patient and calm, with the need to be aware that the weapon that one uses for shooting might harm others if it is not used with caution, especially those who practice shotgun shooting. She further stressed that shooting is not related to a specific age.

She then turned to her personal experience, explaining that the most considerable difficulty she faces is changing weather conditions, including rain and so on, which makes vision difficult. She further noted that Qatari girls have proven their competence in the field of shooting. The shooting team has created the appropriate environment for girls that helped them to continuously develop and compete at the global level.
Reem Al-Sharshani called on girls to practice many different types of sports and choose whatever is suitablde for them. She also advised them to particularly practice shooting, especially since the shooting team maintains customs and traditions and the privacy of Qatari woman.