The Qatari Publishers and Distributors’ Forum organized a symposium entitled “The Experience of Qatari Women in the Field of Publishing and Distribution”, during which the writer hosted Asma Al Kuwari, Director of “Nebja” Publishing and Distribution House, and Professor Amira Al Ahbabi, Head of Marketing and Sales Department at Qatar University Publishing House.
Writer Asma Al-Kuwari said in her speech at the seminar, “women face many challenges in this area, which is a new challenge for Qatari women. In addition to the inspiration and ideas that can overcome these challenges and how women can play a stronger role in this field, since they have a major social role in various fields and based on their scientific, cultural and social qualifications, their roles in society have varied at various levels.”
Such seminars reflect the aspirations and aspirations of intellectual and cultural creators, she said, adding that they also seek to benefit from the experiences and expertise in publishing and distribution.
Professor Amira al-Ahbabi spoke about the role of women in publishing houses. She said women’s participation in publishing and distribution did not come from a vacuum but from love and passion in this field.

She said she focused on reaching the largest segment of society, whether researchers, innovators or specialists in various fields. She said she wants to be present at cultural forums because they are important, as they are an opportunity to introduce Qatari cultural products to all Gulf, Arab and international markets as well.