Qatari Forum for Authors held a discussion session entitled “The Shura Council, an introduction through the constitution” as part of the “And Consult them in the matter” program that is broadcasted on the Forum YouTube channel in implementation of the executive plans of the Ministry of Culture and Sports to raise awareness regarding Qatari Shura Council. These sessions aim at raising awareness of the society to know rights, duties and mutual roles in order to achieve consultation (Shura) in its best form.


The program hosted Mr. Jathnan Al-Hajri, a lawyer, former judge and board member of the Qatar Bar Association, who began his speech by discussing the first election held in the State of Qatar in 1999 within the Municipal Council noting that after referendum on the Constitution of the State of Qatar, the Constitution is issued that we consider our pride. He said “We are optimistic about this council as its exercises control over the executive authority including ministers as the role assigned to Shura Council is helping the government to perform its tasks to the fullest”.


As about the role and competencies of Shura Council, Al-Hajri Said “The constitution defined competencies of Shura Council in three competencies. The first is the power of legislation, the second is the power of oversight over the government and the so-called preliminary power and the third and final power is approval of the general budget.


Regarding the number of members and method of appointing them, he explained that the constitution stipulates that the number of members in the council is 45, 30 of whom are elected by direct secret poll by the people and 15 members are appointed by his Highness, either from ministers or others.