The Music Affairs Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Sports has prepared and coordinated with the Qatari artists Mohammad Al-Mutawa and Mohammad Al-Marri to prepare a national work embodied in a patriotic song entitled “Serb Al Hammaem”. The center announced that the song will be broadcasted on its social networking sites to reach the largest segment of the center’s followers and fans of the work of the artist Mohammad Al-Mutawa. The song will be composed by Mohammad Al-Marri, the Qatari composer, and its words are of Mr. Hassan Rashid who won the author’s Medal from Katara Cultural Village Foundation.


The Music Affairs Center produces this song entitled “Serb Al Hammaem” in support of Qatari talents and the consolidation of the national identity which efforts are concerted to enhance it every year on the occasion of the National Day of the State.