As a complement to Qatar Scientific Club’s initiatives aiming to support the State’s effort to combat the threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread, the Club has proceeded with manufacturing 1000 medical face masks to be utilized by the Red Crescent medical personnel working hard to fight this virus. This step comes as a part of the agreement signed between the two parties in February 2019, which highlights sharing experiences in humanitarian, scientific and technical areas as well as cooperation in various activities and events.
In this context, Eng. Rashid Al Rahimi, Executive Director of Qatar Scientific Club, said that the club had previously manufactured 1000 pieces medical face mask for Hamad Medical Corporation. He explained that stages of manufacturing went through several steps; as several models for the medical face mask were first designed and then submitted to Hamad Medical Corporation and Qatar Red Crescent Medical Services Department so that they would send their observations and recommendations before starting manufacturing in accordance with required quantities. Indeed, after experimental stage was launched and observations and recommendations were taken into consideration, the most appropriate design, that received acceptance and approval from concerned authorities, was adopted. An integrated production line has been established, including the design process, manufacturing, evaluation, sterilization, and packaging. Now, thank Allah, the Club is delivering its first phase of 200 medical face masks to Qatari Red Crescent, which has an agreement with the Scientific Club that aims at cooperation in several technical, scientific and humanitarian areas.
Al-Rahimi affirmed that this medical equipment is a Qatari industry made with self-efforts and initiated by young people and engineers of the Qatar Scientific Club. These local masks can be held as in competition with or even better than, other products available in the market, in accordance with competent medical authorities.
He also added that this cooperation between Qatar Scientific Club and various medical authorities is an emphasis to the Club’s objectives and its leading role, using its power to provide assistance to entities in need of the Club’s services.
In turn, Mr. Abdullah Al Qatan, Executive Director of the Medical Affairs Division of Qatari Red Crescent stated that he would like to thank Qatar Scientific Club, which has always cooperated with Qatari Red Crescent in the light of the partnership agreement entered between the two parties, which resulted in the implementation of many joint humanitarian activities. Additionally, he thanked the Club’s official for their support of efforts of the Qatari Red Crescent in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. He continued that such good gesture is not new to the brothers at the Scientific Club. A gesture as that is considered a duty these days that all the State’s institutions as well as civil society have to fulfill in order to combat this pandemic. He concluded that we pray to Allah that our nation could safely overcome this crisis.