Nomas Center of the Ministry of Culture announced the return of its activity face-to-face in its main majlis in the Dafna area, following the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers. The Center will resume the “Majlis Etiquette” session from today until next Wednesday.

The session targets children aged between 8 and 14. During the course, participants will learn the etiquette of Majlis and greeting style. They will also be trained on how to prepare coffee and handle the tools used in preparing it, in addition to how to buy livestock and slaughter animals, skin them and cook their meat.

Mr. Salah Al-Mannai, Director General of Nomas Center expressed his happiness at resuming the courses and activities face-to-face, and said: “The situation is now appropriate after the decisions of the Council of Ministers to hold events and activities. Nomas Center is excited to resume its activities and programs scheduled for this year, and to communicate with our children and students”. He noted that “the plan of programs and activities for the running year is based on the cumulative experience gained through courses and workshops, pointing out that the “Majlis Etiquette” course is popular among children, so the center is keen to start from where it left off”.

He added: “This course is supervised by qualified Qatari trainers. We also offer a one-month horse riding course”. He revealed that the Center is keen on conducting field visits to heritage festivals such as the Camel Festival and Falconry, and that these visits are practical workshops, expressing his hope that Nomas Center members will have the opportunity to visit the Katara Arabian Horse Festival, which is taking place this week.

He further noted: “We pay special attention to all aspects of local heritage, which is related to our local identity and culture, as we offer our children specialized courses to introduce them to the legacy of our ancestors, and provide them with a true picture of the lives of our parents and grandparents in the past. He emphasized that the Center aims, through these courses, to inculcate authentic Qatari customs and traditions in the current generation, and to provide them with the skills that prepare them for self-reliance and responsibility”.