The Joint Committee for Innovative Projects, consisting of representatives of the Qatar Scientific Club: Eng. Rashid Al-Rahimi, Eng. Abdul Rahman Khamis, Dr. Hareb Al-Jabri and Dr. Muhammad Ziyad, and of representatives of the Hamad Medical Corporation: Dr. Nasser Ali Al-Ansari, Mr. Hamad Al-Khalifa and Mr. Omar Hasnat met in order to view the progress of work in the implementation of projects related to the “Covid-19” pandemic. Members of the committee witnessed the work method followed by the Qatar Scientific Club in order to provide a number of medical equipment and services that contribute to protecting the medical staff dealing with the risk of the spread of Corona virus (Covid-19).
Members of HMC committee commended the distinguished efforts made by the Scientific Club with a purely national motive aimed at providing safety means for the medical staff working in the front ranks to confront the threat of this pandemic. They listened to a full explanation of the most important products that the Scientific SC manufactured and reviewed these products. They also reviewed the stages of their development and the method of their manufacture in the Scientific Club’s laboratories and workshops. One of the most significant of these products is a device for purifying and breathing air to protect the medical staff working in the front ranks to confront the threat of this pandemic. It works with a low-energy consuming, rechargeable and easily replaceable battery. It draws and pushes the filtered, fresh air into the head cover. There is an indicator that alerts the user before the battery is low with a sufficient time. The device is also easy to use, sterilize and maintain and allows a wide field of vision. From among the equipment that the Scientific Club manufactured is the medical face shield that was met with the approval and satisfaction of many working medical bodies, such as the HMC’s Medical Department and the Qatar Red Crescent. Eng. Rashid Al-Rahimi, Executive Director of the Qatar Scientific Club explained the idea and stages of producing this medical shield and how the Scientific Club established special production lines for this reason. Furthermore, the technical staff working in the Qatar Scientific Club was supported by a group of young Qatari volunteers to help in the manufacture and packaging of the product according to specifications conforming to the safety and security conditions of this type of product in terms of sterilization and packaging. They also reviewed the innovative idea of a mask rope whose desired benefit is relieving pressure off the ears that may cause pain when used for long periods. There was also the “Safe Assistant” which can be placed in the keychain. It is light in weight and one can use to press various buttons and keys without the need to directly touch them by hand. This device is characterized by being easy to carry and to sterilize after each use. It also provides greater protection for the user and others.
“We are proud of the achievements that the Club’s team, in cooperation with the HMC team, was able to accomplish  in light of this ordeal.” Al-Rahimi said in this regard, “the team had an active role since the first days and channelled all the Club’s capabilities to this purpose.” Al-Rahimi further praised the efforts and cooperation of HMC with its fruitful association with the Scientific Club by providing observations and recommendations and its belief in the capabilities of the Club. He thanked Allah that the Club was up to the responsibility, as it provided the required quantities of equipment to HMC and other medical and educational bodies.
On the other hand, members of the HMC committee praised the quality and excellence of the devices that are manufactured and produced in quantities that contribute to protecting the medical staff working during the crisis. The equipment were tested on the ground and proved to be excellent and could compete with their counterparts available in the local markets