The Qatari forum for Authors held a new session in the frame of the literary initiative “critics and Nearby” under the title “From Narratives to Cultural Narratives.” The initiative which was presented by Dr. Abdelhak Belabed, Professor of Literature Issues and Curriculum of Critical and Comparative Studies at Qatar University, hosted Dr. Mohamed Bouazza, Professor Narratives and Literary Criticism Curricula at Moulay Ismail University in Morocco.


At the beginning of the session, the Ministry of Culture and Sports paid tribute to the creators and intellectuals from the ocean to the Gulf, noting that the monetary project was still being established and was still open. Adding: In the late 1990s, this period saw what we might call the golden age of constructivism in Arab criticism, but the problem is that in Arab practice, this type has been transformed into school applications of narrative concepts.


And he continued, saying: In order not to do injustice to Arab structuralism, I can say that it provided a lot to Arab criticism, and its importance cannot be denied. He continued: The Arab narratives were centered on structural narratives, and there was a kind of glamour and fascination with this scientific tendency, which unfortunately came as a reaction to the ideology that prevailed in Marxist and sociological criticism.


Bouazza said: When a discourse is produced within the framework of a cultural activity, it must be adapted according to the conditions of cultural dynamism, and there is another issue related to the complex nature of the literary and cultural text in general. , that one perspective solves all these problems it raises, and on this basis, with a critical approach, we can distinguish between a criticism that adopts what we might call the complexity system and a criticism of what we might call the reduction system.