Writer Maryam Al-Mansouri revealed to Al-Raya the release of her new book, “Journey 101” during the 30th Doha International Book Fair, at Al-Wasil Publishing House stand, which is the house that published book. Al-Mansouri indicated that the book falls under the category of human development, and includes 29 different topics and the way it is presented is different and not narrative, but rather motivating to pondering. The book also differs in form and content from the prevailing style, especially the design of the book.

She explained that only a limited number of the book was issued for discussion in the Qatar Forum of Authors, and indicated that the book will be available in Arabic and English. She will be present to sign on copies of the book on January 10 at the exhibition during a special discussion session about the book. As to the most important titles included in the book, she said: The book includes a number of titles, including “The Astronomer”, “The Military”, “The Decorator”, ” The doctor”, “The Narrator”, “Passion”, “Silence”, and others amounting to 29 different titles. The book has 67 pages of average size.

She explained that this book is its second after its first book, “The Fourth Floor”, which is under the category of self-development, noting that she had cooperated with Hamad bin Khalifa Publishing House, and the book was published in 2017. Mariam Al Mansouri praised the great support provided by the Authors Forum to Qatari writers and authors, since it interacts significantly with them and with critics and specialists and helps to open bridges of communication and holds continuous discussion sessions, which opens up broader horizons of knowledge and cross-fertilization of ideas. She said: We need to work to promote Qatar books in Qatar and abroad more effectively, noting that this role falls on publishing houses, hoping that communication channels with libraries and publishing houses abroad will be opened to distribute and promote Qatari books. About her future plans, she said: My next edition will be in the administrative field on strategic management and leadership in a scientific research framework. She emphasized that writing requires talent, culture, and personal and life experiences so that the writer can provide the reader with a summary of his/her thoughts, experiences, readings and culture.