The Department of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has started enrolling in the “Ambassadors for support” program. The program aims at training Qatari youth to represent the State of Qatar in international forums, introduce them to basic concepts in the diplomatic sphere and empower them in decision-making. The program was launched in partnership with a range of media and other agencies in the State and with the participation of Protocol instructor Omar Ghanem.

Most notably, in the Ambassadors’ Program, UNICEF participated in training workshops in the Program, following the signing by the Ministry’s Department of Youth Affairs of an agreement with UNICEF on the subject, UNICEF was involved in the provision of training workshops to UNICEF, which could contribute to the development of youth skills and make them aware of some of the required laws and concepts.

Khadija Al Buhaliqa, Acting Chairman of the Youth Advisory Committee to the Minister of Culture and Sports, said in statements to Al Sharq: The Youth Affairs Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports launched the Ambassadors for support program in conjunction with the International Youth Day, explaining that the aim of launching this program is to qualify Qatari youth to represent their country during participation in forums and International events.

Khadija Al-Buhaliqa added that the registration for the program began on the 12th of this month, and registration will continue until the 23rd of the same month, after which the names participating through the program will be sorted, and then personal meetings will be held with all participants who meet the conditions, after which 30 will be selected. Young men and women to complete their participation in this program, which will be launched effectively on the 7th of next September to continue until the beginning of next November, noting that the youth participating in the program will undergo intensive training in various fields, including the field of advocates and its methods, training in leaders and values, and training also in protocol and other etiquette.

She explained: the conditions for participation in the program include the age of the participant from 22 to 35, that registration in the program is done through the application of Ambassadors of Support, that the participant has received two doses of the vaccine or is recovering, that the applicant obtains a university qualification, and passes the personal interview.

Khadija Al- Buhaliqa appreciated the efforts of Qatari youth, who had proved his worth during his previous participation in international forums, noting that Qatar was one of the States that paid close attention to youth in various fields and was keen to involve them in nation-building and development, noting that in recent years the Ministry of Culture and Sports had tended to highlight the role of youth and their involvement in decision-making and to lead positions in various areas of the country.