The Youth Hobbies Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is organizing the second part of the 21st Ramadan auction for stamps and coins, through the “Zoom” application, today, Wednesday at 09:00 p.m. The third and final part of the auction is to be held next Saturday.
The Centre has thus finished selling 400 items, half of which are stamps and the other half coins. The auction was divided into three parts due to the limited time after “Iftar” (breaking the fast) during Ramadan.
The Youth Hobbies Centre is keen to organize quarterly and Ramadan auctions to enhance the stamp and coin collecting hobby, share experiences, communicate with members and fans, and provide them with the opportunity to purchase stamps and coins at affordable prices, as well as to attract new hobbyists and spread the hobby more widely.
A large group of people interested in stamps and coins from different countries participated in the auction this year. The Centre achieves through this auction the objectives of the Centre as a youth incubator of hobbies; promoting society’s awareness regarding the importance of encouraging practice of hobbies as well as young people’s needs, and consolidating the values and traditions of Qatari society through them.
This Ramadan auction, which is held every year as a cultural gathering, helps fans to increase their possessions of stamps and coins. Large participation of members and fans is the most prominent feature of the 21st auction as a wide variety of items is auctioned this year. The collection of stamps and coins section at the Youth Hobbies Centre is interested in disseminating the hobby and educating about Qatari stamps and coins, which reflect the progress and development the State of Qatar is witnessing in various fields. The Centre also encourages youth and students to practice the hobby and it tries to establish the concept of stamps in their minds as a national symbol, a means of passing on heritage, traditions and arts and a tool to introduce the State’s glory, revival and its historical and cultural landmarks.