The Doha International Book Fair, in its thirty-second session, which is currently being held at the Doha Exhibition and Conferences Center, is witnessing the display of a group of rare Qur’ans at the technical level in writing and calligraphy, in addition to the historical value.

One of the most artistically distinguished Qur’ans is a Qur’an by the Syrian artist and calligrapher Mohammad Maher Hadry, written on black velvet cloth using the threads of the covering of the Holy Kaaba.

Calligrapher Mohammad Maher Hadri said: I invented a new method of writing, which is the method of writing with thread and needle, and it is a new method that is not known globally in writing the Qur’an, as I completed the entire Holy Qur’an so that the Qur’an is written with thread and needle for the first time in the world, indicating that the entire Qur’an weighs about 200 kilograms, and its dimensions are about one meter in height and a half meters in width per page. It took twelve years to complete, and each volume includes two and a half parts of the Holy Qur’an, and the page includes 15 lines, according to the Qur’an for preservation and preservers.

He added by saying that the Qur’an, like most of the Qur’an, was written in the Ottoman Naskh script, stressing that the artistic value of the Qur’an made him participate in several international book fairs, and that its material value is close to one hundred thousand Qatari Riyals, and showed his interest in artistic decorations to decorate the frames of the pages of the Qur’an by relying on several decorative schools Different, as each volume relied on a school of art in decoration, dominated by the Levantine school, then Turkish, Moroccan, and others, stressing that the Qur’an was audited and reviewed by official authorities.

He explained that he wrote in the same way of “thread and needle” the Quranic verses in artistic paintings, and some rules and other books were completed, most notably the book of the Forty Nawari Book.

Among the Qur’ans of historical value that the Doha Book Fair is witnessing is a group of Qur’ans presented by Dar Ihsan from Iran, as it displays a group of manuscript Qur’ans that are distinguished in their size and date of writing.

Mr. Yasser Yaqoubi of Dar Ihsan for Publishing and Distribution in Iran said that the house presents at the Doha International Book Fair a collection of the Qur’ans that are historically rare, as they have a history dating back more than 500 years, so their artistic and historical value was, and some of the Qur’ans date back to the third century AH. In addition, there are Qur’ans written without punctuation, with a variety of fonts from Kufi, Thuluth, Nasta’liq script, and others, pointing out that one of the rare exhibited Qur’ans is Payson Mirza, which goes back to more than 600 years, which is written for in favor of the verifier and his books, which comes in 50 by 70 in terms of size, with a leather cover.

He explained that the financial value of the Qur’ans varies, as there are Qur’ans amounting to 15 thousand Riyals, and there are lower prices, pointing out that they are currently printing copies of the rare Qur’ans to make them available to those wishing to copy these anecdotes.

It is worth mentioning that the Doha International Book Fair takes place from June 12 to 21 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, with the participation of more than 500 publishers from 37 countries. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the guest of honor of the exhibition this year, and presents to readers about 180 thousand titles and 750 thousand books. It also includes a rich cultural program.