The Qatari Center for Stamp and Coin Enthusiasts, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, will hold the 25th annual Ramadan Stamp and Coin Auction on Friday, March 22nd at Katara. This event, a recurring annual occasion, brings together enthusiasts and interested associations from across the Gulf and Arab regions.

The exhibition, held in collaboration with the Public Corporation for the Culture Quarter, will take place in Building No. 12 at 9:00 PM. It will offer approximately 271 valuable items to the public at reasonable prices, including rare coins, stamps, first-day covers from Gulf Arab countries, as well as old paper currency from Qatar, the Gulf region, and the Arab world. Additionally, there will be coins with unique numbers and examples of coins with errors.

Organizers of this event emphasize that the invitation is open to stamp and coin enthusiasts, as well as anyone interested in this hobby, to participate in the auction. Furthermore, the invitation extends to various media outlets to shed light on this hobby and contribute to its advancement by providing suitable conditions for its development.