Ramadan Book Fair, in its second edition, which is currently being held at the Darb Al-Saai headquarters in Umm Salal region, has a remarkable presence on the part of families, and roaming between the corridors of the various pavilions of the exhibition, as publishing houses, libraries and various parties participating in the exhibition present many of their different titles in the religious and cultural fields, and scientific, and others, which are distributed between 31 local publishing houses and 48 international publishing houses, which reflects the exhibition’s achievement of one of its most important goals, and is meant to attract the public to the exhibition to acquire the book, which thus supports reading among members of society, and in turn promotes the localization of the book In the State of Qatar, in addition to absorbing the various knowledge presented by the books, and increasing from them. The exhibition-goers of the families are keen to interact with the accompanying events taking place in the exhibition, including what is specially presented to children, such as art workshops and artistic events, which reflects their desire to translating their imagination and creative ambition into active participation in the accompanying events, thus, highlighting their cultural and artistic interests.

Children are also keen to interact with popular brides, which embodies an aspect of the Qatari heritage, and highlights at the same time that the turnout for Ramadan Book Fair is one of the important indicators of the importance of such exhibitions in the publishing industry, as well as the importance of books and reading, and that they have a remarkable presence among Community members, and their cultural awareness. It is worth mentioning that Ramadan Book Fair concludes its activities tomorrow, Sunday, as it witnesses the influx of various members of society to acquire sources of thought and culture amid a distinct Ramadan atmosphere and cultural and religious activities targeting all segments of society, and the events accompanying the exhibition include the council of Ramadan, which attracts public figures who narrate their history, history and achievements, in addition to a series of cultural and religious seminars in cooperation with the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Social Development and the Family, and the Qatar Reads Initiative. The exhibition also witnesses artistic and heritage activities for children and adults.