The Qatari Media Center affiliated to the Ministry of Culture hosted a Ramadan “Ghabga” that included a group of Qatari media professionals, in addition to His Excellency Mr. Mustafa Kokso, the ambassador of the brotherly Republic of Turkey.

Ramadan “Ghabga” which was organized by the Center included a discussion session on “The Ghabga between Yesterday and Today” presented by the journalist, Mohammad Al-Mohannadi, who hosted Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Mulla, Mr. Jassim Al-Muraikhi, heritage expert Hamad Hamdan Al-Mohannadi, and Mrs. Aisha Al-Tamimi.

The journalist, Mohammed Al-Mohannadi, talked about the Ghabga as a Qatari community heritage and tradition, and the noble values it represents, including the preservation of family and social cohesion and communication.

The speakers addressed the most prominent changes that occurred in this distinguished and inherited societal custom, and how it remained preserving many of the values it bears, including increased communication, understanding and discussion of various issues that are usually the focus of the talk of those gathered in those sessions.

In addition, the speakers also touched on the most important reasons that constituted important elements in the emergence of this societal habit, as well as the reasons why Qatari society is keen to preserve this societal habit despite the change of times.

Mrs. Aisha Al-Tamimi talked about the change in the nature of the food that was served during this community event and what it was in the past, and how community well-being was reflected in the nature of the food served during this community event.

Mrs. Iman Al-Kaabi, the Director of the Qatari Media Center, said that this evening brought together the figures of the Qatari media and the actors in its various fields, explaining that the center sought through this evening to introduce Ghabga as a unique community custom in the Qatari society and the changes that took place in it that included several aspects, but it is remained an inherited and authentic custom that the Qatari society preserved and perpetuated because of its importance in family and community cohesion, in addition to gathering Qatari media professionals in a special Ramadan evening.