A lecture on “Institutional Contributions to combating the Coronavirus pandemic: The Qatari Scientific Club as a Model” by Eng. Abdul Rahman Saleh Khamis, Deputy Executive Director of Qatar Scientific Club (QSC), was organized by Doha Institute for Graduate Studies via video conferencing

At the beginning of the lecture, Eng. Khamis touched on the most important institutional contributions in combating Corona pandemic, with a focus on the QSC, as it showed great concern for its intensified efforts and community responsibility, as a scientific institution that encourages research, learning and innovation. QSC, in parallel with the exceptional measures taken by the state in combatting Coronavirus, he pointed out, formed a joint committee with Hamad Medical Corporation to find out the most important emergency obstacles that hinder the work of medical staff in this sector.
With regard to the institutional contributions, Eng. Khamis  said, the main contribution of the QSC is to harness all its capabilities such as digital facilities and technical expertise to provide everything that can be done and respond to emergencies, adding that this work resulted in producing thousands of medical face shields for Hamad Medical Corporation, and Qatar Red Crescent, in addition to the production of large quantities of the mask straps and the safe assistant, delivery to medical bodies, and distribution to a number of schools during the secondary school examinations.
QSC, continued the software and hardware profwssional, dealt with the new reality imposed by Coronavirus epidemic by changing and replacing the QSC approved plan with an alternative plan that matches the situation, focusing on activities and projects of general benefit, research and development in medical projects, education, manufacturing and innovation. QSC has consistently worked on establishing production lines for medical supplies, he added, like: “Medical face shields, mask straps, and safe assistants”. The Club has also undertaken a range of important projects, including, among others, the respiratory protective equipment for medical staff, and security robots.

In the same context, the Qatari inventor and entrepreneur explained that, within the framework of its institutional contributions, QSC has organized a variety of virtual workshops, focusing on the largest segment of the Qatari community, including granting the opportunity for children aged 5-15 years to have the larger share of the workshops, presented in a scientifically simplified and interactive way as he described it.
“The Qatari Scientific Club after the “Coronavirus” pandemic will not be the same as before the pandemic,” concluded Engineer Khamis, as this rich experience was a significant addition and a perspective changer to us. QSC, he indicated, undergoes an ongoing development, both in terms of infrastructure and the national calibers leading the Club’s journey, under the divine providence of Allah Almighty”. He further emphasized the QSC’s institutional contributions in the face of Coronavirus pandemic.

It is worth mentioning that this is the fifth lecture in the virtual lecture series launched by the Institute on 16 June, to shed light on various social, cultural and psychological issues.