The Qatari Youth Hostels are intensifying their activities through a number of events that they offer remotely. In this context, it launched a package of various activities during the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to presenting a set of interactive activities through social media platforms. The Qatari Youth Hostels has developed a new plan that is entirely dependent on Electronic remote communication.
For his part, Mr. Abdullah Saeed affirmed that the Qatari Youth Hostels exert their utmost efforts in providing what is appropriate for the current crisis and provide the maximum possible benefit to the community. He further pointed out that the Youth Hostels are keen to prepare a schedule of events and a time plan during the current period characterized by impetus. He explained that one of the most prominent events that are provided currently are: “Training Program in Tourist Guidance”, “Travelers in Corona Time” program, “Sustainable Tourism” program and the “Youth Hostels Movement and History” program. The “Youth Hostels Programs and Activities” will be presented on May 22, and will review the activities which were provided by the Qatari Youth hostels before the crisis and those that will be implemented after it ends. Meanwhile, the program “Discover the World with Passion” scheduled for broadcast on Thursday 15 May will talk about more than one country and its idea is based on introducing the best 10 regions in each country reviewed.
In another context, Saeed highlighted that the second version of the Qatari explorer’s guide has recently been launched. This is a platform that brings travel and backpackers amateurs together to track their travels and trips to encourage young people to embark on tourism and promote this field in Qatar and the world.